Dig of the Day: George Maple 

Previously a secret co-write for Flume and Snakehips,  Australian girl George Maple is ready to bring her name to stage. She first came on the scene in 2013 with “Fixed”, a track which quickly won over the likes of music bloggers worldwide.

Today she’s back to broadcast first find “Kryptonite” said to be the lead from her debut album. Miss Maple is not shy when it comes to expressing oneself. She’s all for embracing positive vibes, counting blessings, loving your imperfections and breaking stereotypes.

Trust me when I say it’s a summer playlist must have.

Dig of the Day: Lia Lia 

What can I tell you about LIA LIA?

Aside from she’s a Berlin teen here to premiere her debut, one should know LIA LIA stands for Live Impact Area Legacy Interface Adapter.

“OLYMP” was written about heartbreak and depression, whilst his may seem a little gloomy on paper her fizzy droplets of electro-pop make for a numbing edge.

Gloves on, this icy newbie which gives you frostbites must like visual producer, singer, songwriter Grimes.





Dig of the Day: Angie 

Angie’s first live performance is set to be a night to remember tonight at Hoxton Bar and Grill. Although it is with regret we can’t attend.

Apologies aside, let me tell you why Angie is AWESOME!

Bolder than a highlighter, her luminous green hair is not the only thing that will grab your attention. Free flowing swag about smoking weed and sex, Angie is here to have fun! You can cop a listen of her new track “Spun here:”


Sweden’s answer to Charlie XCX meets Miley Cyrus. Yes we think so too!

Dig of the Day: Ama Lou

Young talent is flying through our inbox at the moment with the likes Sody, Taya, Tyne and Billie Eilish. Our latest teen star, Ama Lou is a cutting-edge expressionist who daring enough to touch on topics many of us would shy away from.

 “Lost My Home” is personal yet relevant. Ama Lou provides you with her own feelings along with expressing views on political affairs such as Brexit and the political state of America which has many of us questioning what is and where is home.




Dig of the Day: Tyne

Tut Tut Tut if you don’t know Tyne!

A few months back she dropped her debut track “Somebodies Something” aged just 18. Whilst I’m saddened this track passed us by for nearly seven months, her new track “Girly” certainly has not. Showing a different side to this young one’s talent, “Girly” is a produced a fun loving pop banger.

She sprightly sings,  “Tut Tut no worries, please get back early,  head out with champagne and dresses, lets get girly” which you can’t help but embrace. If you are heading out tonight with your girly mates this one’s for you!

Dig of the Day: Alex Vargas

London’s Soul/R&B singer Alex Vargas is gearing himself up for his biggest moment of his career to date, we shall be blessed with the debut album Cohere” out 31st Month. First though we get a sneak peek of what we can expect with his tension-clenching track “7 Sins.”

Centred on love, Alex doesn’t suppress it or promote it, instead he’s simply intrigued by it’s power. How comes we are drawn to feeling like this when it can also bring us such pain?

Don’t sin, and listen to “7 Sins” today.

Dig of the Day: Taet 

No matter if it’s Monday or Sunday a decent song can help change your mood. Meet Taet, our newest pop star that will make every day feel like a Friday.

Three years ago I stumbled across this lady after hearing her track “Burn” and been waiting patiently ever since for her to come into her own. Today we are blessed by her first official track “Vibe.”

“Vibe” offers is radio friendly dance fun with a feel-good factor. She could easily be mistaken from a younger Cheryl Cole.


Dig of the Day: Batts

Have you ever had forced yourself back to sleep just so you can finish a dream? Well “For Now” the brand new track from Aussie girl Batts is like an endless dream you can’t wake from.

Clueless to her earlier work which is said to be more electronic, Batts has taken the softly softly approach as the track ripples with guitar riffs. Perfect ambience for a first date, this song will have you swooning over the prospect of a future and have your yearning for his return the minute he leaves the house.



Dig of the Day: Harloe Feat Dreezy

Four months ago Harloe dropped her track “All My Feelings” but now it’s re-surfaced with a fierce feature from Chicago’s very own rap star Dreezy.

Previously known for her writing abilities with Charlie XCX, Jo-Jo and Britney Spears Harloe has since decided she no longer wants to be that ‘backseat driver’. Hands firms on the wheel  when”All My Feelings” dropped it was pedal to the metal clocking up a hair-swooping  1.5 million views on Spotify. Now with her racing driver rapper by her side there really is no stopping them.

We’ll see you at the finish line.




Dig of the Day: Joni Payne

If Thursday is the new Friday then Joni Payne has everything it takes to glide you through until Sunday.  Today we are blessed her smooth delivery on alt-R&B fringed track “Stick to Weed”.

With little knowledge of Payne’s earlier work, AKA her EP “More to do” back in 2016 it is only now today which has hit our senses. Easy on the ear, elegant on the eye Joni his the prescribed drug to get us all addicted.

Big smoke or a just a morsel of  shattered ashes? You decide.