Dig of the Day: Enisa

Sound cloud can sometimes be a cattle-market of dross singers digging their favourite covers but there are times when you’ll find yourself digging a new find. Today’s milk is Enisa, a singer songwriter from Brooklyn New York City who caught our attention with debut track “Burn this bridge”.

The song was written about a situation that backfired. She had high hopes someone she once knew would help her in pursuing her career but instead  they turned around and told her she wasn’t going to make it. Determined to not let negativity hold her back she churned her energy back into her music. The result speaks for itself.

Dig of the Day: RENÉ

If R&B voices are your tipple then “Voices” by Rene is girl you’ll need to know about. Vocally she’s a night songstress, so much so she could be nicknamed London’s nightingale.

“Voices” is a refined song about self-validation. Sometimes we struggle to fight the battles life throws at us but each time we stand tall.  Easy on the ear and ideal for that perfect night in with a bottle of wine combo, Rene is all you need to unwind after a long hard day. Too many people make background music, but not everyone makes background music with substance enough to catch the prey.


Dig of the Day: Laoise

January 2017 will see the release  of the debut EP”Halfway” from Irish Singer/Songwriter Laoise.  New to the scene, and if  her social media profile is anything to go by, she’s a lover of Pink. ( By pink we mean the colour we are yet to know her view US pop hitmaker P!INK.

The first song released of her EP is a track called “You.”  Production get to a minimal, with only three cords used Laoise was adamant  she would see how far she could push it.

Her music is filled with compassion that hangs on your well-being. To later find she’s going through recovery from mental and physical difficulties, Halfway is sure to be an EP full of depth.


Dig of the Day: Alice Merton 

Bass heavy, confident and ready to expose herself to talent to the world, Alice Merton has dropped a debut worthy of a chart position.

“No Roots” is catchy, bold and certainly a track one could relate to. She sings, “I’ve got no roots for my home it was never on the ground” but instead of making it a sad number, she’s delivers the message you can find roots in the sky.

Finding comfort in her traveler lifestyle is a great source of future tracks and to also share experience. Watch this space, Alice Merton could find herself on your local radio station come 2017.

Dig of the Day: Storme 

Scandinavia is renown for brilliance when it comes to finding the next big star, a few dustings has hit our radar in the form of Zara Larsson, Astrid S, Leon and Marlene.

Our newest snow angel, is Storme. She’s is a native Swede who has recently moved to London in the hope to pursue her career as a singer.

The first snowflake as fallen and it’s already enough to defrost your mood. “Solider” consists of howling highs and dreamy droplets from the keys. Whilst holding some familiarity to Singer Songwriter Rae Morris, Storm has delivered dream pop glossiness that has us hungry for more. Click the link below to be drifted away by Storme :

Dig of the Day: Ebhoni

Colour-wheel pop eat your heart out has occurred, with the dazzling new track “Bye Baby” by Ebhoni.  Toronto’s R&B songstress has been painting her picture over the last few months with complementary tracks “Time” and “Eagle.” It is this third splash of primary material which brings the diamonds and pearls as she bares all to say goodbye to an ex-lover.

Ebhoni is Picasso’s answer to music. Listen to her art below:



Dig of the Day: FOURS 

Edith Violet and best friends Dan, Jez, Luke are the four members behind today’s dig of the day, FOURS. This rising band have just unsealed their sticky intravenous jar of electro-pop,  “Sickly Sweet.” 

Edith’s vocals add the sweetening to what is an catchy and radio friendly production. This band could be mainstream in no time, so if you want to be screaming some fandom points early on get listening now.

Other brands of jam they fall close to FOURS are the likes of The 1975 and Fickle Friends.


Dig of the Day: Jerry Williams 

Sad to have missed last night’s headliner at The Jazz Servants, London  it seems only fair to make Jerry Williams our Dig of the Day.

Interest surged in June 2016 when this young star released her lead track “Mother”, but now she’s back to promote her video to “Let’s not forget it”  and we are astonished by the result.

Portsmouth-based singer songwriter decided a trip to West Wittering beach was all she needed when it came to finding a set for her latest music video,  and boy was she was right. Singing in melancholy fashion with a beach backdrop is the perfect canvas to showcase Jerry’s talent. Calming vocals and a video that is simply about her and her ability to sing her heart out, this girl’s vocals is as heavenly as having your own private beach hut.




Dig of the Day: Abi Ocia

With Jessie Ware currently in baby-land territory emerging talent Abi Ocia snatched her debut moment at the right time.

“Running” is the breathtaking arrival from this West-London native and it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s holy, haunting, original and 100 per cent gimme-free.  On first listen this track is like guiding through a sky of fluffy white clouds. If you too want to feel like guiding through a cloud-filled sky with Abi, then please click the link below:

Dig of the Day: Saint Clair

“Simmer” is the newest cut from London Singer Songwriter, Saint Clair. Earlier this year she cooked us with her debut single “Sailing” & her love-churning follow up track “Heavy on my heart, ” which if you haven’t heard yet, I definitely recommend. But it’s this third offering that brings her music to the boiling point.

Spilling into something  is a little more fast-paced that her previous, S.Clair is not going stay on the slow-burner for long. Gentle, honest and and currently bubbling away at room-temperature, she’s got enough heat in her beats to warm you not she will never scold you.

Talking of getting thing’s moving, if you fancy seeing Saint Clair in a live setting, why not get yourself down to the “No Ceilings” event on Tuesday 4th October at Camden Assembly.