Electrowerkz, 22nd May 2014


Canadian pop meets dance aerobics; Kiesza paths a new wave for music as she performs her first ever UK headline show at Electrowerkz, North London. If being a trained ballerina and once part of the navy wasn’t impressive enough for her 25 years, Kiesza was nearly recruited as a sniper before she set her sights on the bright lights of the music industry. Ditching her life at sea for four walls of a studio she knuckled down writing songs and designing her image. Quickly capturing the attention of indie label Lokal Legend the rest is pretty much history!


With no demos to be found anywhere in the blogosphere, it is just her infectious house infused single Hideaway that has racked up a staggering 16 million views on Youtube, that’s got everyone gushing. Bringing this utterly fantastic choreographed video to life, two male dancers accompanied the stage alongside Kiesza as they gave a high-energized performance that certainly puts my gym work-out to shame. Dressed in haram trousers and a cut out shoulder top with her signature plait perched on her head, this distinctive image is just another reason why Kiesza is quiet simply ‘Box Fresh’! IMG_6394 Dropping the mood Kiesza took to the keys to cover Haddaway’s What is Love before continuing with a haunting version of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. Granted this girl has a fine set of lungs (and not forgetting abs) the rest of the songs showcased unfortunately were a little disappointing. However, with only a five tracks set, its clear Kiesza’s management are very protective over the material we hear at this stage, and rightly so as this girl is one of the most exciting new artists of the moment.

Watch this space, because with comments like ‘I only wear Reeboks’ Kiesza could have not only a record deal, but also a leading endorsement campaign quicker than you can say ‘all aboard!’

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