Rising Star Company Magazine Event

Rising Star Company Music Party

Queen of Hoxton, London Wed 25th June 


Being a regular Company magazine reader, when I noticed the advertisement for the coolest Rising Stars music event party starring Laurel and Rainy Milo, I instantly purchased a ticket! A haven for emerging talent, Company teamed up with Rimmel London to bring music and fashion together in one space. On arrival, Queen of Hoxton had transformed into a beauty den where getting pampered was high on the agenda.  If free mini manicures, henna tattoos and a blow dry wasn’t enough, you could also head up to the rooftop for a few pina coladas and a lovely BBQ.


Wondering if this all will cost the earth? Well with three complimentary drink vouchers and food included in the £20 ticket price this seemed like the perfect girls night out. The music started around 7.30pm but with the crowd reluctant to leave the gorgeous sunshine, hosts had to usher people to the basement where the aspiring artists were preparing to take the stage. First up was Company’s very own bedroom popstar Joeyy (yes with two yys!) Mintyy.

Beautiful sunkissed skin, brunette locks and dressed in pretty black laced shorts and tee, Joeyy stood out in the crowd before knowing she was actually tonight’s extra guest. Performing tracks from first EP ‘Gone with the Sun’ released in 2013, against her newer EP shows how different Joeyy’s soundscape has changed in just one year. While her soft airy tone suited her recent poppy promotional track B.A.D, her darker material seems where she felt most comfortable.  Rising star number one down, and I agree with Company Magazine, Joeyy with two yy’s is very much a little gem.

Quickly onto the next rising act, Turn First Artist’s very own singer/songwriter Laurel was next to take the stage. Unfortunately the crowd was dis-interested at the start which lead to Laurel telling the crowd if they were here to breathe in the music they should come a little closer. When done so, she silenced them as they stood in awe of her stunning new track Shells. Winning over a crowd is exactly the gift you need as a new artist in order to build on success and gain more fans. Her haunting dark pop is at the bread and butter of all her songs, but what gives this lady the added sprinkles is her innocence to releasing her vocals has the power to stun a crowd.

Lastly but no means forgettable was the headliner Rainy Milo, who’s last year’s slot was given to Nina Nesbitt.  A voice so distinctive and mature above Rainy’s 18 years, this South East London girl really deserves opportunities like this and more. Combining Jazz, hip hop and peaceful raw vibes, Milo is an artist who is relatable, likeable and truly irresistible. Milo’s debut album This Thing is Ours should definitely become part of your music collection if it isn’t already, and watch this space for more Milo Magic to unfold.

Overall, the all female line up was very enjoyable and I look forward to finding out what other rising stars are recommended in the future. Thank you once again to  Company Magazine, Rimmel London the artists and of course for all the wonderful goodies given to us when leaving!

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