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Chloe Howl


Chloe Howl

Scala, London, 25th Sept 2014


‘Get in the Queue before 6:30pm for a delicious treat from YoursTruly’ was the memo from Chloe Howl broadcasted on her Twitter feed prior to her headline show at London, Scala. Prompt to the venue an hour before doors Chloe greeted fans with slices of pizza before posing for some all-important selfies. When asked about the purpose of a pizza parade ,she explained she loved to indulge but once she ate so much before a show she couldn’t do up her shorts.  Wardrobe malfunctions aside, tonight Howl rocked it as a pop vixen in fish nets underneath her little black thrill shorts teamed with a crop top.

Whilst sounding and looking confident, Howl’s erratic moves may come across a little distracting (especially if you’re first timer to one of her shows) but it’s this endearing quirkiness you will find yourself buying into. (Let’s not forget the Ellie Goulding wiggle of 2010) So. … If you are after that money shot for your instagram think again!

Howl gave a solid 45 minute set featuring EP tracks Paper Heart, No Strings and Disappointed as well as her brassy pop banger Girls and Boys which is set to feature on her debut album due later next year. A little ambitious with the venue made it hard for the crowd’s atmosphere to ignite the room but sealing the deal with a stunning encore of a Justin Timberlake cover and her EP track Rumour had the crowd fully engaged as they bopped and tapped along.  Even Ella Eyre and Saint Raymond were among the crowd getting their boogie on. The potential gap industry for an artist like this is strong but needs to be a lot of promotion if she is to get her just deserves.  Chloe Howl should not be a name that stays under the radar for much longer.

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Rae Morris – The Village Underground


Rae Morris

The Village Underground London, 16th Sept 2014


After stumbling across Rae Morris via Soundcloud earlier this year I knew as soon as she announced a debut show it was one not to be missed. Setting us up for an evening of serene yet chilly vocals at The Village Underground. Shoreditch seemed the ideal location for this intimate 60-minute set.

Morris has been in the game for years but it’s her new sound-scape which has transpired her into what could quite possibility be the next British breakthrough act. Is this an inset clique moment – slow and steady wins the race… or in this case win a future Brit Award?
Having racked up a seemingly dedicated fan base during this time, this girls career looks set to flourish. Mixing from the old vibes of 2012 single ‘Glow’ to ‘Cold’ featuring Fryers and latest single ‘Closer’, Morris vocals can only be described as an eternal harmony with a touch of vulnerability. On stage her confidence radiates but when she stops repeatedly to thank the crowd for spoiling her with cheers it’s clear Morris is blissfully unaware of just how much talent she really has. Aged just 20, she successfully captivated a sold-out crowd of almost 1000 people with every single note. Rooted behind her keys for most of the set, it was a great addition when she let loose with her encore tracks ‘Up Again’ (a feature spot with Clean Bandit) and her future track ‘Love Again’. Morris is the ultimate new alternative star in the making. Take Alanis Morisette and Ellie Goulding as the bread, Rae would be the butter!

Meanwhile her EP closer on 22nd Oct. Pre Order link here:


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