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Studio Spaces, Shoreditch, 5th Nov 2014



Bailing out on bonfire night we opted to see Shura’s very own firework display at their first headline UK show.  Heading straight to Shoreditch High Street to a confined 2nd floor loft space Shura performed an intimate six song set.

Unsure if the delivery of debut track ‘Touch’ would be the only sparkler of the night this mini show did manage to charmed us with a Catherine Wheel finale.  Treating us with all three known tracks ‘Indecision‘, ‘Just Once‘ and ‘Touch‘ Shura did inject three unheard ones, ‘Kids and Stuff’, ‘Too Late’ and ‘White Light’. Bemused their two million viewed track ‘Touch’ wasn’t used to close the set, the clincher and finale track White Light was chosen and rightly so. Igniting the room with neon-strip lighting, rotating quick pop synths and adding the all-important sparkly topping of Shura’s vocals, White Light really was brightest and most colourful flame of the pack.

Her carefree banter and wit dazzled the crowd during the intervals as she preceded every intro with “Once I’ve put my water bottle down.” Taking a dose of Cheryl’s  I don’t care attitude to stage she bossed the non-conventional pop star look wearing a comfy oversized demin shirt which has  been seen in pretty much every press shoot.  If you happened to be anywhere else but front row you may not have noticed she even took her two beep attitude right down to her socks! Yeah Shura we did notice the big black four letters word plastered on your sporty whites.

Don’t worry if you missed this out on this show because you were at some other dazzling firework display but make sure you head down to catch Shura at The Village Underground March 25th. I can assure you Shura is a spark of dreamy space pop you must see in 2015.


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