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Lion Babe


Lion Babe

Studio Spaces Shoreditch, 4th Feb 2015


Imagine just for a minute adding the sass and booty of Beyonce and multiply her hair envy, well you’d pretty much get our latest hot duo Lion Babe if you did. From the concrete Jungle of New York City this pairing consists of producer Astro Raw aka Lucas Goodman and Jillian Hervey who just happens to be Vanessa Williams’ daughter. After dropping their teaser track “Treat me like Fire” back in 2012 the duo have finally decided to hit the UK this week and perform their first headline show. In true debut style they managed to it sell out.

The venue choice, a small loft conversation in London’s much loved east end town Shoreditch,  Studio Spaces was filled to the rafters.  The hype drew in a few industry stars including Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, Vanessa from The Saturdays and her latest studio accomplice Joel Compass.

Behind the stage was some black sheeting covering which quite possibility one of the best debut backdrops I’ve seen in a while, a custom-made perspex Lion Babe sign which lit up in red.  Instantly silencing the muffle of noise Lion Babe got the fire started with an instrumental opener from Lucas before Jillian took the torch by demonstrated her dance talents dressed in a black flower print kimono jacket.  The set list showcased the entire EP as well as a brand new track Wonder Women and a mash up of Wayne Wonder’s 90s track No Letting Go.


Whilst this set was short, it certainly got the crowd thirsty for more. The duo had exactly what they set out to achieve in 2012 teasing us and then leaving us with a burning desire for more.  Keep your eyes peeled for more Lion Babe show’s coming very soon.

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