Monthly Archives: November 2015

Dig of the Day- Dua Lipa

Is there a wrong time to drop new music?

Absolutely not, unless of course you fancied challenging Adele with her breathtaking comeback single ‘Hello’, which has now exceeded over 390 million views in just two weeks. People are always be thirsty for new material and with a release this good, Christmas really has come early.

Let me introduce you to the most exciting new star of 2015, Dua Lipa. Hooked in the first  12 Seconds of ‘Be The One’ it’s a no brainer she would make it to as one of our Dig of the Day slots. Without fail, Lupa’s promising gift is wrapped head to toe in glossy production that infectiously pumps around your veins.

Keeping the hype alive could we witness another cracker before 2016? Until then, party hats on and G&T at the ready this one’s a floor-filler.