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Dua Lipa – Live at The Hope and Ruin


Dua Lipa

The Hope and Ruin, Brighton 17 Jan 2016


Brighton’s traveller style venue, The Hope and Ruin became Dua Lipa’s third official live appearance. Complete with a tiara, dog choker and dressed head to toe in back strutting her 3 inch killer boots it’s hard to question Dua’s vision. Pop image on fleek and inhaled confidence anyone would think this girl had been doing this for years. Let I be know her entrance to stage exceeded room temperature within the opening minute.

No-one likes a bragger but believe me when I say the only way to describe her live set is Sex. Having booked the ticket solely on hype track“Be The One” the only way to describe her heated set was like getting attached to a one night stand!

The 9 track set listing was full of flirtatious boiling desire that left you feeling smitten. From feeling bad together to finding a new love Dua knows just how to fore play the crowds reaction. The climax hit when stand-out single “Be Your One” left the crowd in a state of undeniable attraction for her forth-coming or should I say fore-cuming album.

The intimacy of a 150 capacity venue maximising her popping-candy base tunes  I’m pretty sure those who were in attendance of this show are ready for the next level.

Dua Lipa has a few shows left and there are still a few tickets remaining for her shows listed below.

Tuesday 26th Jan 02 ABC 2, Glasgow

Wedmesday 27th Jan The Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Friday 29th Jan Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Tuesday 2nd Feb Oslo Hackney, London


Matt Woods – Live at Notting Hill Arts Club

Matt Woods

Notting Hill Arts Club, 10 Jan 2016


2016 is here and for a gig junkie this means two things. Firstly hello new music and secondly here’s to another year of juggling gig announcements with artist clashes. Reaching a balance is impossible but right now embracing new sounds in January couldn’t be easier. Sound polls and bloggers everywhere are fixated on what’s hot for the year ahead. After catching Matt Woods live at the end of 2015 at St Maryt Church when Notting Hill Arts Club announced at show on Sunday 10th January I knew polls aside this would be my one to watch.

Imagine the male Singer/Songwriter strumming a guitar scenario for a minute, drifted off or just stopped reading? For those of you that are still with me then let me tell you a little bit more about Mr Woods. Three years ago switching coastal Cornwall for a chance of the big dream probably seemed pretty ridiculous, but the results are beginning to show. Some fall others stand tall and with the backing of Sticky Management, (the management and studio  where Ed Sheeran and Paloma Faith and Christina Perri have all recorded albums) Woods will be on people’s radar before the years out.

Prompt to stage, he jokes, “I cancelled the choir.” A room of blank faces, it wasn’t without research this reference was to note he has been classically trained as a chorister.  Unfortunately on this occasion we don’t get taken to church, unlike the ironic first live set of Woods but nevertheless if close your eyes and listen to his husky undertone and falsetto stairway he will instantly guide you to heaven. The only criticism here is at times he is alarming similar to the band Hozier.


The set consisted of tracks from In the Dark EP which was released in May 2015. A convicting vocal of he didn’t load the gun and lyrics such as you make quiet the impression, Matt Woods has likability that is raw enough to reach you on a person level. Keeping things short and sweet, Woods leaves a nearly full crowd in awe of his sound.


This was the first gig on the year and one that needed to be seen live and not just through a 15 second Instagram Video clip. Sorry guys and girls if you missed this, make sure you get yourself clued up before the next lot of polls!