Monthly Archives: June 2016

Dig of the Day: Casi 

Premiered on BBC Radio One last night was the triumphant track “Lion” from Welsh Songstress Casi.  Blissfully unaware of this singer before, I would like to thank Huw Stephen for the beautiful introduction. Similar to the early days of Ellie Goulding’s/  Florence and the Machine, Casi has put out a blinding single that could easily becoming a hot favorite for many music lovers.

Think gold. Think sparkles. Think tricking beats. Think mouth-watering highs and rumbling drums. Fingers crossed we will be blessed with a music video because my vision for it is going into overdrive. Forest, half lion half human. It could totally work.





Dig of the Day: Skott

“You can spend limitless time creating something—trust, for example—but you can also let it fall to the ground in a second” is the crux behind Skott’s impressive debut “Porcelain”.

Dark, fragile and full of skyscraper highs Skott looks set to shatter anything in her mist. In order to celebrate her birth into the music blogshere Chess Club Records have blessed us with the opportunity for a physical release.  On July 29th “Porcelain” will be available digitally and on Vinyl, until then why not immense yourself in the somewhat melancholy vibe below.

Dig of the Day: Saint Clair

Sorrow, pain and mournful hearts have crossed the world over the last few days following the devastating news of the Orlando Shootings and the death of Voice contestant, “Christina Grimmie”. Emotional to say the least, coming into contact with “Heavy on my Heart” the brand new release from Saint Clair, will inevitability finish you off.

A french newcomer, now based in London came into the radar when Singer Songwriter Epsa, tweeting a link to their debut track “Sailing.” (Another fine piece of artistry is you have time to check it out)

In awe of their sophistication and lip-gloss tone, you can and you will become addicted.

Dig of the Day:  Ritual 

Lunchtimes are normally a chance to grab a quick bit to eat before getting back to the grid, but sometimes there’s time to squeeze in a cheeky scout on Sound cloud. Today’s discovery is a pretty big deal, it had to our Dig of the Day. Ritual are a London based trio, who have just released “Cinnamon,” the lead track from their forthcoming EP “Every night another but not you.”

Following in the realm of similar production to The Weekend, Banks and FKA Twigs, Ritual have a sound that is on trend. “Cinnamon” is full of tantalizing beats and smoldering lyrics that it will burn on the first listen. Join the sensual desire for Ritual and listen here: