Monthly Archives: September 2016

Dig of the Day: Tender 

They may not wanna talk about it …. but we certainly do! London based duo Tender have dropped their single “Violence” and it’s one murky piece of magic.

A framework of thin smoky synths centred around gentle vocals, these guys know their sound and what works. Scarce production can sometimes leave artists open to vulnerability but with Tender sound and delivery so far, we are sure this duo have a promising future ahead.


Dig of the Day: Liv Dawson

Privileged to have already caught Liv Dawson ahead of her appearance at Blue Flowers event in Chiswick  and her brief encounter at Shoreditch Grind for London Fashion week, it comes with great pleasure to announce the next string to her bow “Reflection.” 

If there’s one thing to note about Liv’s catalogue of songs so far is that they all resonate a softly softly approach. But it is her true feeling of empathy in her lyrics and delivery that turn this girl from dishwater to the calming seas.


Dig of the Day: Joy feat. Lil Aaron

This weekend is a special day for JOY as she is set to make her live appearance at this years Listen Out festival in Brisbane, Australia. Ahead of this, JOY has given fans one almighty surprise with a duet drop with hip-hop star Lil Aaron, called “Birthday.”

On first listen  this has got to be one of the cutest lyrics “We can treat today like a first date” , especially if like me, you’re new to her talent. Although, don’t be fooled JOY has ruled, because she’s opted out of the cute girl pop and gone straight for an off-kilter bop.

Dig of the Day: Maad Love 

Music for many of us is so much more than layered vocals over hot sauce production, often it can be used as a way of encapsulating time. Whilst we all know time is not tangible, I’m pretty sure most of you can relate to a hit from the good-old 90’s.

NYC-Based Singer/Songwriter Maad Love have given us a throw-back of “90’s Love”, (like the title suggests.) Recent months we’ve seen former 90’s R&B star Craig David make a comeback, should this trend continue I’m sure it won’t be long until 90’s R&B will rule our charts once again.

Dig of the Day: Skott

Hot from Annie Mac’s show last night on BBC Radio One, Scandinavian pop singer Skott has debuted her third offering of the year, “Amelia.” It’s been three months since her first track “Porcelain” and ever since her left field brilliance had me hooked.

“Amelia” will take you on a menacing ride of teenage love. No matter the highs or lows she sings about staying together and not giving up the fight. If her attitude to music also follows suit, there’s no question Skott will become a household name among-st other radio stations before anyone has time to cry “Wolf.” Yes you guessed it, another track  by Skott.

Dig of the Day: Ella Vos 

Ella is the name of  moment for rising pop stars (Ella Eyre, Henderson, King) but please don’t not let that stop you from checking out our latest find Ella Vos,from Los Angeles.

“White Noise” is the birth track into Ella’s world. On the surface you may think she’s just gonna pour out  another pop song about her  failed chances at love. But no, Ella digs much deeper with her arrival by disclosing this song was written for her six month child. In affect “White Noise” is her very own lullaby to her dearest newborn.

Dig of the Day: Harper

Please excuse me for commenting a little late on this one, but as the saying goes.. .Better late than never right? Harper hit the radar today with her brand new single “Skin”.

Harper has it all. Skimming the surface of similar works to current pop-stars Dua Lipa, Banks and Sia, Harper knows exactly how to swim to shore.

Electro-beat production, sultry vocals and a hook big enough to catch a few sharks. If you wanna get a hold of the bail click the link below:

Dig of the Day: Desta French

My oh my we’ve missed hearing Desta French and her heavenly R&B infused vibe.

Nearly a year has past since she wooed us with her debut track “Take you for dead.” but now she’s back to quench some of that thirst before her debut EP, which is due this Autumn.

Her new material “Shame” stays firms in the zone of R&B and is perfect for a little Sunday afternoon realness.


Dig of the Day: Leon Else

Two years ago Margate lad Leon Else was very much the apple of my eye with his “All Black Everything” demeanour. Leaving the UK in 2015 Leon has been living that all star LA dream for the last 18months, well if his social media is anything to go by.

Whilst skeptical at times the move meant all play play play, today Leon burns that desire with the premiere of first-cut of his L.A workings “Black Car.”

Pulsating bass line,  falsetto on fleek Leon turned up the gasoline with this one.  The video features Leon in a Black Car with Red Leather  interior and Suki Waterhouse what else do you need.


Dig of the Day: Alice Jemima

Have you ever realised you are better off out of a particular relationship? Maybe a little thankful you dodged the bullet so to speak! Well Devon’s finest  Alice Jemima’s track “Dodged a bullet” reflects just that.

Alice showcases her delightful vocal, reminding us all their is blessings to be had when things don’t work out, even if you may not see them. Optimistic, honest and simply wonderful this track definitely gets a YES from us!