Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dig of the Day: Emma Lauran 

Check-Mate : Emma Lauran has just released her debut release “Little Too Much” .

Growing up Emma lived in East-Devon but if she’s to make it as singer she needs to play the game.

A music career is like a game of chess. Whether your a King and Queen your aim is to cross your component and conquer victory. Meanwhile you have a set of pawns all there fighting for you to get noticed. Roll with me, this is your fan-base! Some fall by the waste-side some are loyal. The Rooks are your management, Knights are your family, and the bishops are your friends.

“Little Too Much” is the first release since her move to London and we think it’s definitely worthy of wining a few pawns.



Dig of the Day: Niia

Filling the Jessie Ware void is L.A vocalist Niia with her brand new track “Hurt You First.”

As the title suggests this track is about destructive love. Many singers choose to sing about love or heartbreak because it’s one thing that unites us. Niia is different, she not here to embrace love nor sing about a breakup. Instead she’s exhaling sincere and sorrowful feelings on self-love to protect herself from pain.

Listen here:


Dig of the Day: ARY

Ariadne Loisworth has adopted her childhood nickname Ary as the ideal introduction to launch her career as a Singer, as we would have to agree it’s a smart move! With a short yet striking stage-name and her homeland as Olso, on paper this smells like burnt caramel.

In 2015 her track “Higher” made a real buzz in Norway but it’s her latest track “Childhood Dreams” which has set UK fire alarms ringing. The track has a pulsating bass line charred with a Lorde-esq tone. Aged 23, she is hopefully one should always hang onto those childhood dreams and remain optimistic of them being reached. We should try a spoonful of Ary’s sweetener by clicking the link below: