Dig of the Day -The Japanese House

Okay so I’m not here to promote sushi or house music but I am expecting you to dig out the soy sauce when it comes our latest discovery, The Japanese House.

Having missed her debut single ‘Still’ premiere on Zane Lowe show back in April 2015, 20 year old Amber Bain aka The Japanese House had already one melancholy EP under her belt known as “Pools to Bathe In”.  I urge you not to sleep on this band any longer than I did. This canoe set sail 7 months ago but it won’t take long to swim on board with her bundles of wishy washy beats to help guide you. Paddle through debut EP and you will be splashed with the new release “Cool Blue”.

Produced by Bain herself, and the boys behind The 1975 George Daniel and Matthew Healy,  the above video is just one of four tracks which will feature on the second EP, Clean. Imagine sinking into a luke-warm bath after a hard day. Perfect temperature, easy listening and that taste of familiarity you can recognise, this is not one to beat its one to join.

The Japanese House will be touring next month and you can see it all unfold in a town near you.

Furher details can be found here: http://thejapanesehouse.co.uk/live#.Vg1_B8tViko


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