Hashtag Music OCT 2013

Week commencing 22nd Oct

Single of the Week: 20th Oct

lorde royals

Lorde, the name rolling off everyone’s tongue at the moment as she has crept onto the scene in such an unusually smooth fashion. No in your face promotion – this young teen has shot to the top of the US Hot 100 with ease that fans have just flocked to her captivating sound. Royal’s smash hit is available to download in the UK this week and should easily score number 1 slot on the big Top40. If you haven’t heard of this New Zealand treasure you should check her out as she is quite possibly the best undiscovered artist on 2013.

Album of the week: 22nd Oct


Stripped back Candy girl Katy Perry’s 4th Studio album Prism offers a darker side to our most loved Californian popstar.  Prism is a richer, deeper sound that reflects on Katy’s personal troubles of her 2011split from comedian Russell Brand.  Showing Katy’s fighting spirit Roar was the lead single from this album. A track that shows her more delicate side during this time is By the Grace of God which Katy gave an exclusive performance at last month’s iTunes Festival.  No longer a teenage dream Katy Perry has made her mark as a popstar and she is here to stay!

Video of the week: OUT NOW

You may have heard of Tanika from her appearance on Naughty Boys’ album performing one of the most known tracks of 2013 – Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. Since then Tanika has dropped her first official cut from her debut album, Bad 4 U. Produced and co-written by MNEK, Bad 4 U showcases her ability to belt out some high notes as she grinds some sexy shapes on the front of a truck! This song is about pleading her man to leave and with Tanika underneath the truck as the parting shot, we think he got the message!  

Week commencing 14th Oct

Single of the Week: 13th Oct

cyl iggy

No Money, No Family, 16 in the middle of Miami … Iggy Azalea has worked hard to change her life. Change your life is a fitting and inspirational song about Azalea’s struggle to better herself and build the life she wants. The dulled down accent and the addition of a feature with American rapper T.I makes this song more commercial that her previous single Bounce.  This song is worthy of catapulting her to the next stage of her career and is a track she should be proud of.  

Album of the week: 14th Oct


Ginger, Sporty, Baby, Scary, Posh Spice aka the Spice Girls and girlband Girls Aloud all have had their slot as the UK biggest girls! Now it’s five piece band The Saturdays turn to capture the market share. Vanessa, Frankie, Molly, Una and Rochelle have sustained success in the industry following an array of chart-topping pop-dance tracks such as Higher, Notorious and All Fired Up. The 4th studio album Living for the Weekend includes What about Us featuring Sean Paul and their latest single Disco Love.  Sticking to what they are good at, this album is perfect for those nights out painting the town red!

Video of the week: OUT NOW

Best Be Believing is taken from the electronic duo’s debut album Body Music.  This video shows Aluna Francis being dragged into a mental hospital as she is admitted as a new patient.  Surrounded by female dancers Aluna moves around the hospital busting out some cool body shapes before cutting to a shot of George working as a lab assistant.  Offering a cooler stance on the 1975 film One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest, Aluna George reminds us that Body Music is one of the best albums of 2013.

Week commencing 7th Oct

Single of the Week: OUT NOW 

conor rucrazy

Cant Say No singer Conor Maynard is back on the scene and this time he wants to know R U Crazy?

R U Crazy is the lead single from his 2nd studio album and is co-written by British artist Labrinth.  Keeping a similar soundscape, Conor lands himself between teeny pop and light hip-hop.  The repetitive R U Crazy hook in this track will have you singing along even on a first listen. Although a contender for pop favourite of 2013, this heavily produced track does shade the soft tones that were evident in his youtube days. In the build up to this release, Conor has dropped some rather impressive acoustic medleys, which better showcase his voice. I strongly recommend checking them out on his official youtube channel.

Album of the week: OUT NOW


VMAs! Love her or hate her …. hats off to Miley and her team as the controversy has her breaking records and I have fully converted to her bandwagon. Wrecking Ball is an emotionally charged song and although licking hammers is not the norm, there is no denying that the material she is bringing out is her best yet.

Bangerz is what is says on the tin.  Hit after hit this album includes troubled emotional power ballads, dancing clubbing anthems and a hot collab with the Queen of Pop Britney Spears. Miley has ripped away her Disney innocence and given herself a reputation not everyone is approving off but what is on point is the music.

Video of the week: OUT NOW

Missing out on the Video of the Week slot last week to Laura Welsh, Sons and Lovers had to score this week’s limelight! Working hard, showcasing their material on the festival circuit, headlining Sebright Arms and getting their first official airplay on BBCR1 in July, its safe to say the video of Ghosts has been worth the wait.

Dan, Tom, Tim and Josh filmed this on a small island in Ireland called Inishturk and on what looks like a very chilly day! Dressed in winter woollies surrounded by coastline shots, this location ties in beautifully with the band’s vibe. What captured me is the rock edge being used as an alternative to the wailing wall as they place coins in the gaps while making a wish. This is just the start and I personally hope these boys achieve that wish.


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