Hashtag Music JUL 2013

Week commencing 29thJuly 

Single of the Week: OUT 29TH JULY


We all love a bit of Bob Marley and while it has been a long time since the release of No Women No Cry back in 1977 there is no question reggae music is the perfect chill out vibe for summer.  Drum and Bass Shy FM and Liam Bailey have teamed up to make a timeless reggae track ‘Soon Come’ which is one of the best reggae tracks that has hit the air waves in decades. These guys have worked hard, and their complementary tones will certainly make the ladies swoon.

Album of the Week: OUT 29TH JULY


This week welcomes the debut album from Aluna George who first hit the music scene with Disclosure collaboration White Noise and their own single Attracting Flies.  The 2nd single You know you like it definitely not a track to be left behind, considering it was first showcased back in 2011. The duo have revamped their earlier video to give this catchy number another shot and cracking the charts. This album offers a mix of happy dance vibes along with lyrics that offer moments of reflection.   Following a gruelling 20 dates on festival line ups, a European tour and being nominated for the 2013 Brit Award Critic’s choice and Sound of 2013, the hype surrounding this duo is something quite extraordinary and rightly so.

Video of the Week OUT 1ST SEPT

RCA signed, feisty new girl group Neon Jungle have recently premiered their video for their debut single Trouble. The video is set in a suburban house, where the four girls stir up trouble around the neighbourhood. This song is catchy and a fun track for teens.

This young foursome offers strong competition for Xfactor group Little Mix who won the show back in 2011!  Whilst it is common for girl bands to have a limited lifespan, Neon Jungle bad ass attitude may be what is needed to cut the mould.  This video has already soared since its premiere on Tuesday 14th July with 300,000 views.


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