Hashtag Music SEP 2013

Week commencing 30th Sept

Single of the Week: OUT NOW 


Dropping her track casually yesterday, Angel Haze had to scoop this week’s Single of the week with Echelon featuring on her long awaited album Dirty Gold. Haze has been carving her way into the rap scene alongside Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea but has managed to find her niche with heavier beats which were lacking from the material on Reservation.

Complete with slick rapping about haters, Echelon is a confident track that offers Angel the chance to show the industry just how hungry she is. Here’s hoping for more of the same when Dirty Gold drops.

Album of the week: OUT 30th Sept


Predictable but nevertheless worthy of mention this week is Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Part II. From hearing the stream earlier this week, without a doubt it was a swoon fest on first listen.

The 20/20 experience was written in just 20 days and with 20 songs on offer, Timberlake has broken it down into two separate releases. First unsure as to why there is a six month gap between each part, this has now become clear as both masterpieces have joined together. This album is the Yin and Yang of life, whereby everyone wants to find peace and happiness but that always holds an element of risk, suffering and heartache. Part I is about the sexual attraction and deep love songs and Part 2 showcases the heartbroken side.

This album is a masterpiece from start to finish. JT’s smooth vocals and falsetto and the new intricate sounds of the jazz band behind him compliments him well. No-one should go through life without listening to the 20/20 experience as this is the soundtrack to love.

Video of the week: OUT NOW

Following an off-the-cuff performance at the itunes festival this week alongside Ellie Goulding, Laura Welsh lands us with another cutting edge video! Keeping in a similar vein to her first video Cold Front, Welsh is surrounded by a string of bodies that move sultrily on top of each other as she sings about the struggle of getting close to someone.

Undiscovered is another awesome song by the up and coming songstress and with support slots with London Grammar this autumn, in terms of music discovery this girl won’t take long to shine.

Week commencing 23rd Sept

Single of the Week: OUT NOW 

haim wire

The LA based trio sisters have been making a name for themselves over the last 18months, playing top end festivals such as Glastonbury and supporting Florence & the Machine, Kesha and many others.

Surrounded by hype, Haim have little material until they release their debut album in a few weeks’ time.  The Wire is the perfect move to get the adrenaline pumping and get the fans talking!

The girls’ harmonies are tight, and with touching lyrics on relatable issues of a relationship that went wrong.  Although some may find the continuous background clapping annoying, there’s no denying it’s incredibly infectious!

Album of the week: OUT 24th Sept


Over a week before scheduled release Canadian Rapper, Drake’s latest album Nothing was the Same leaked online.

The album features Started from the bottom and Hold on we are going home but the track that has got everyone talking is Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.

This hot track includes a verse from the biggest rapper in the business Jay Z, as well as a nifty little sample from Ellie Goulding.  Stretching into the 7-minute mark, it looks like Drake has been taking tips from Justin Timberlake’s album 20/20.

Other must listens are Wu-Tang Forever, Too Much and Worst Behaviour.

Video of the week: OUT NOW

Former Spice Girl, Mel B has dropped her new video For Once in my life after an 8-year hiatus.

Fresh and full of confidence, Mel B also known as Scary Spice shows she is ready to take life by the horns again as she shows no fear in stripping down to her underwear.

Mel struts around a typical American estate before arriving at a house party, where she locks lips with a clone of herself.

This video is fun and compliments the free-spirited message of her single. Welcome Back!

Week commencing 16th Sept

Single of the Week: OUT 16th Sept

jessie its my party1

I’ll happily admit It’s my Party is a catchy chart topper that will get everyone on their feet. This track will pass by your ears a lot and once it does you will be under its spell so that you’ll be singing along even if you aren’t a fan at first.

The track is inspired by haters, much like tracks Who’s laughing Now which featured on Jessie’s debut platinum album Who You Are.

Jessie has taken a very commercial route to keep her name in lights, but with a voice as powerful as hers it’s a shame she has produced material in the same vein has Domino and Laserlight. Fingers crossed the album Alive has some stronger material that offers more depth because while I do love a good party Jessie is selling herself short here.

Album of the week: OUT 16th Sept


It’s a rarity when an artist can slip back into the zone without having to revamp any of their work to fit current trends. Johnson has managed to achieve just that! Back with his 6th studio album For Here To Now to You, Johnson’s sound can set us right back to the blissful waves of his home town Oahu, Hawaii.

This album is a personal insight into his life since his 2010 album To the Sea. Tracks touch on his role as a husband, father and the woes of life.  Johnson will perform at itunes festival this Monday (16th) where he will undoubtedly showcase some of his new material.

Video of the week: OUT 13th Oct

Change your life, taken from Azalea’s forthcoming debut album offers a sleek and stylish transformation from her previous Bollywood themed video, Bounce.

Inspired by the movie showgirls, Iggy plays the role of a Vegas showgirl who uses her slender body to seduce America rapper T.I. Later she attempts to rob T.I but before she is caught by the police she manages to torch his flashy sports car. If that isn’t enough action in 3 minutes, if you look close enough you will catch a sneak peek of some #Fashiontits!

The execution of this video and its powerful message shows a new dimension to Iggy’s earlier work. This track will hopefully catapult her before the release of her debut album The New Classic.

Week commencing 9th Sept

Single of the Week: OUT 8st Sept

birdy wings

Feeling indifferent about her rise to fame in 2008 following a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, Birdy’s latest single Wings has captured my attention.   Wings is an earthy folk/pop song that is easy on the ears. On first listen, Birdy’s voice has such an interesting tone that draws you in for a second listen. Moving forward, Birdy has managed to keep the similarity of her sound as well as cater for a more radio friendly angle which was missing on her first album.

Her new album Fire Within is due for release on the 23rd September.

Album of the week: OUT 10th Sept


The wait is over! Finally Trouble is dropping in the UK and we couldn’t be happier. Full of attitude, Natalia Kills’, dark pop edge has shone through since the Perfectionist era.

With stronger lyrics and depth to her tracks, this album gives Kills the chance to steer away from early comparisons to a Lady Gaga tribute act or a gothic Rihanna to focus on clinching herself some of that market share.   Already released tracks Trouble and Problem are powerful pop songs with a gritty hook, but new ballad track Malboro lights is where Kills new sophomore sound resonates. This girl has been unrated from the outset but this album will sure get her noticed.

Video of the week: OUT 13th Oct

This handsome four-some have done it again, producing catchy little love songs that will pull on all the heart strings.  Model, Kelly Brook plays the on screen Juliet as she graciously walks around the 1920s jazz club seducing billionaires. Dressed in a cleavage busting red dress she flaunts her assets to the band as she makes her mark on lead singer Andy Brown.

This video oozes sex appeal, and with the budding bromance of Joel Peat and Brown’s guitar duets which often figure in their tour performances, this band are sure fire Romeo’s.

Week commencing 2nd Sept

Single of the Week: OUT 1st Sept


Katy Perry has unleashed her ROAR a week early for her UK KatyCats. Roar is the lead single for her 4th studio album Prism.

Lighthearted, bubblegum pop Perry has ditched her blue wig in exchange for a darker side. However this track definitely lets the light in!

Roar is a powerful pop tune with catchy lyrics that will get you hooked on the first listen.This track oozes confidence andshows that while she has a cutesy exterior, she is no push over.  Having scored five number one hits from her previous album Teenage Dream, it is safe to say that Katy Perry is the champion of pop. Roar is out 1stSept, and we certainly have our eye on this tiger.

Album of the week: OUT 2nd Sept


Making her mark on the red carpet for a pre-show performance at the VMAs this week, this girl has the voice of an angel that even got global star, Rihanna talking.

At just 20 years old, Ariana Grande has slipped nicely into the shoes of the legend, Mariah Carey offering a vocal range from high power notes, to soft delicate breathy tones.

Impacting the billboards already with her release of The Way which creeped into the top 10, Yours Truly looks set to have a promising start as she releases her debut album on Sept 2nd.

Video of the week: OUT NOW

Can’t Say No Singer Conor Maynard shared his latest single this week, after teasing his Mayniacs with some sexy little teasers.

Quick to follow the first official play on BBC Radio 1 the RUcrazy video was released.  The video starts with Conor dressed in a suit that is enough to get a girl hot under the collar!

Having done his homework, Conor’s falsetto comparisons to Justin Timerlake shine through in this video as he takes on JT’s smooth moves. Switching it up and keeping his urban edge, Conor is later dressed in a t-shirt and is shown at a house party with his mates; is that PW we spot!

This track has been produced by Labrinth and with 500k views already I think everyone is crazy about this catchy number.


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