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Hashtag Music

Week commencing 30th May 2014

Single of the Week: OUT NOW

 Ed_Sheeran_Sing Our very own UK ginger gentlemen Ed Sheeran is back with his brand new track Sing.

Moving away from the mundane ‘one man and his guitar’ which dominated the charts in 2010, Sheeran has raised the bar with a Justin Timberlake infused vibe which is similar to his solo debut Like I Love You. This up-tempo song is guaranteed to have you singing along with Sheeran’s command “SING!! Ooooh oooh oooh oh oh oh oh LOUDER!!

Man of the moment Pharrell behind the production and Sheeran’s sketchy vocals at the full front of another love ballad, this single is like fine wine that matures with every listen!

Album of the Week: OUT NOW

Kyla-La-Grange-Cut-Your-Teeth-2014-Final-1500x1500Kyla La Grange’s razor sharp single Cut Your Teeth has been on repeat, but now it’s time to hit the skip button whilst we check out the 9 brand new tracks from her 2nd album.

From the twinkly touches of Xylophones to delicate vocals, un-missable lilac locks and her dainty frame – Kyla could easily pass for a real life Tinkerbell! Imagine sitting next to a wishing well immersed in the soft sugary melodies of I Don’t Hate You and White Doves. Adding contrastKyla reveals her dark side with The Knife and Cannibals. While this album is worlds apart from her debut release Ashes in 2012, she seems to have pulled it off.

Watch this space; surely it’s only a matter of time before Kyla sprinkles so more fairy dust.


Video of the Week:OUT NOW


If Ella Eyre’s latest video is anything to go by, I don’t think we are the only ones that’s been climbing the walls waiting for her to release her solo material!   If I Go acts as her debut single following her recent success with Rudimental and her own EP Deeper.

Big voice, Big hair and well on her way to becoming a BIG solo success Ella Eyre is a name you simply won’t be sleeping on.

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Hashtag Music

Week Commencing 10th March 2014

Single of the Week: OUT 11th MAR


Unaware of her debut album ‘Ashes’, Watford girl Kyla La Grange only hit my radar with Cut Your Teeth. Immediately drawn in by her razor sharp lyrics ‘Break your bones and cut you up and never let go’ Kyla is not artist to bypass.

Jakwob’s bubbling production and simplistic hand claps has beautifully crafted an sound to gels perfectly with Kyla’s subdued vocals.  A dramatic change in sound is risky but this new direction personally has me itching to hear more.

Album of the Week: OUT 3rd MAR

dan croll

Scoring ‘Best British Solo Male’ on Amazing Radio back in Feb 2013 Dan Croll is gearing up for the release of his debut album Sweet Disarray. Stunning folk melodies, quirky vocals and the charming warm of his song lyrics; Croll’s multi-instrumentalist album is distinctive.

Reminding me of happy go lucky vibes of Jack Jackson, Dan Croll has given this genre a modern twist. Infectious singles In/Out, Compliment Your SoulHomeand From Nowhere all make appearances but my newest favourite is album title track Sweet Disarray.  Pretty guitar melodies and simple yet moving vocals from Croll is ideal song for that Sunday morning.  Croll will be touring the UK at the end of the month.

Video of the Week: OUT NOW 


Tight restrictions over Iggy Azalea’s latest video has caused high-stress levels in the Azalean camp as Iggy Azalea tried hard to keep Clueless themed video Fancy featuring Charli- XCX a surprise.  Iggy and her team invited 250 fans to join her on set but when a few fans and blogs breached her request the cover was blown. Dressed as Cher, Iggy Azalea pays homage to the teen classic Clueless and what a fantastic re-enactment it is.

Many scenes were shot in the same LA College used in the 1995 hit movie, and with virtually identical costumes this video offers pure Clueness realness.


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